In 2017, a study * revealed that French women used 16 cosmetics a day! Over nearly 50 years of life, this corresponds to 300kg of products absorbed by the skin.

Science is formal. Cosmetics, yes, but not where you think … in your blood, your urine and even your breast milk! How long do you keep these molecules in your body? No one knows, but the studies are unanimous: we are all polluted.

Now you know … and you, what would you have done? Probably like us … Absolute priority to the most biodegradable ingredients possible. And obviously of natural origin. 100% and certified by independent organizations. It is our uncompromising commitment.

* Study conducted by the University of Western Brittany on “The probabilistic assessment of the exposure of the French population to cosmetic products”


Novexpert is primarily a research center led by scientists. Since they are the ones who run Novexpert their priority can be easily guessed. They make the products that meet their scientific belief. Not marketing.

Our muse is the formula. It must be the concentrate of our discoveries. The most emblematic is Novaxyline, it is also crowned by an exclusive patent. Inspired by the mystery of the centenarians of Okinawa, this anti-aging active uses a very advanced technology: epigenetics, which measures the intimate link between environment and gene activity.

Let’s be clear: we develop the products we dream of hoping you will share our tastes and our demands. The path of high efficiency often goes through very high concentrations: 25% of a complex of vitamins C, 1.6% pure hyaluronic acid … Less words, more figures.


More than 50% of women in the world say they have sensitive skin. From a minority, “reactive” skin has become the norm. An observation that Novexpert Laboratories have incorporated into their formulation chart.

You may not know it, but European regulations require brands to include allergens on their cases above a certain threshold. These allergens are 26 * and are very often present. Novexpert’s commitment is clear: you will not see any of these allergens in our ingredient lists.

Why do things halfway? With the exception of Lip’Up whose mucosal test can not be validated, all Novexpert products are hypoallergenic. One more security? No, a must according to Novexpert.

* Labelable allergens according to Annex III of European Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.


It is to you that we are accountable and that consists of putting ourselves in your place: totally and constantly. Whatever your condition, you should not be asking questions about our formulas. The full range of care Novexpert has no contraindications for pregnant and lactating women. It is written. It’s clear.

False warnings or controversies legitimate, the questioning of this or that ingredient leads you to ask you questions. Novexpert responds. In a radical way … Novexpert treatments are 100% certified natural * and exclude hundreds of controversial molecules (see more)

* With the exception of Vitamin C Booster


With each return trip, we marvel at the singularity of the world. But for beauty, France occupies a very special place and we obviously appeal to its sectors of excellence: universities, researchers, technicians but also artisans, creators not to say artists sometimes … everything is dreamed and done in France. Be assured

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